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*  Humanistic Astrology Series et autres publications par Rudhyar

Since 1969, Rudhyar published a series of 6 booklets which constitute the main structure of humanistic astrology.

Person centered astrology These writings are gathered in Person Centered Astrology published in 1976 by CSA Press. This book is not translated into French.
Rudhyar notes in the epilogue of Person Centered Astrology that he took the expression humanistic astrology for the first time in these booklets.
Collectors can easily find copies of these booklets on the Interned. I recommend to compare prices, ranging from 10 to more than $ 50 per copy ! The Person Centered Astrology book is published by Aurora Press, and easily available in all good bookstores.

Astrology for new minds

N° 1
Astrology for new minds

A non-dualistic harmonic approach to astrological charts and the relation between man and the universe
1969, CSA Press

Summary :
1 - Astrology for new minds
2 - Astrology in the archaic ages
3 - What is astrology for ?
4 - The event-oriented environmental approach
5 - The person-centered, harmonic approach
6 - Will and the self-maintaining power to form

The astrology of self-actualization

N° 2
The astrology of self-actualization

and the new morality
1970, CSA Press

Summary :
1 - Event-oriented and person-centered astrology
2 - Astrology as a discipline of mind
3 - Astrology as Karma Yoga
4 - The new morality

Form in astrological space and time

N° 3
Form in astrological space and time

1970, CSA Press

Summary :
1 - What is a form ?
2 - The basic structure of cycle processes
3 - The aspects formed during the hemicycle
of spontaneous and instinctual action
4 - The geometrical principle of formation of the aspects

First steps in the study of birth-charts

N° 4
First steps in the study of birth-charts

1970, CSA Press

Summary :
1 - The "signature" of the whole person
Focalisation in space
2 - Planetary patterns
The hemispheric pattern
The funnel pattern
The seesaw pattern
Triangular patterns
The fourfold pattern
The star pattern
Non-harmonic patterns
3 - The moment of interpretation
Focalisation in time

The planetary and lunar nodes

N° 5
The planetary and lunar nodes

1971, CSA Press

Summary :
1 - Orbital astrology and the nodes
2 - The latitude cycle
3 - The Moon's nodes in a birth-chart
4 - The Moon's nodes cycle
5 - The planets and the nodes

Interpreting a birth-chart as a whole

N° 6
Interpreting a birth-chart as a whole

1971, CSA Press

Summary :
1 - Preliminary considerations
2 - President Franklin D. Roosevelt's birth-chart
The basic character of President Roosevelt's chart
The planetary pattern
The lights
3 - A young man's chart

My stand on astrology

My stand on astrology

1972, The seed center

Extract from the preface of the editor Sura :
Speaking of Rudhyar : "As he states in My stand on astrology, « Living a life of self-actualization and transcendant development is the most arduous process there is... » and yet, it is today « our only hope for a 'humanistic' future and a social order founded upon qualitative values and upon that freedom which actually means allegiance and commitment to spiritual values."

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Minimal requirements

An attempt at formulating minimal requirements for the practice of natal astrology

1973, Portland astrology center

The first paragraph :
"The considerable increase of public interest in astrology during the last few years has intensified problems of a social and psychological nature which have always been present in the astrological field, but at this stage must be seriously taken in consideration. Various solutions are being presented, some of which may create new and even more widespread and deepseated problems. The issue is one of general significance because it extends beyond the practice of astrology and impinges upon the basic relationship between the freedom of individuals essential to a democratic society and the justifiable concern of any organized community for the personal welfare of its members."

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From humanistic to transpersonal astrology

From humanistic to transpersonal astrology

1975, The seed center

4th cover, excerpt from Chapter 1 :
"Individuation" should not mean only having become a "whole person", according to a certain style of life. It should imply freedom from the Collective and from an unconscious, compulsive bondage to the values of one's culture... The moment such an implication is understood, a basic change begins to occur ; a reorientation. It leads sooner or later to a new approach of life, and to Astrology. It is such an approach that I have recently been led to emphasize...

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Astrolical thems for meditation

Astrological themes for meditation

1972, CSA Press

Summary :
On meditation
Who am I ?
Your celestial identity
The interplay of consciousness and power
The individual word of power
Selfhood is destiny
You are never alone
What are possessions for ?
Your environment and you
The ecological approach to knowledge
What is education for ?
The foundations of personality
"Express yourself" : What self ?
"My children" : Really ?
Learning through crises
I and thou - but not alone
Rituals of social togetherness
Sex and rites of passage
Problems raised by expansion
The way to achievement
Ideals and escapes
The emptiness of abundance
One can always begin again

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