Humanistic astrology and creations

akali humanistic astrology and creations

New Moon
March 28, 2017

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Humanistic Astrology and creations

Humanistic astrology is a person centered astrology. Human being is, what ever happens, the main element, he is at the centre of the astrological chart.

humanistic mandala The astrological mandala was chosen to respond to this approach : the frame of the chart is constituted by the 12 astrological houses focused on a cross. The meridian perpendicular to the horizon symbolizes the human being standing. He walks and moves within the different fields of experience symbolized by the houses.

Humanistic Astrology helps us understand ourselves and understand human nature. It helps us develop a broader vision of our own existence, our life and our place in society, in humanity, and far beyond, in the universe as a whole.

In the world we live in, many of us are seeking, doing this or that, trying to understand the meaning of life. We are helped, then we are those who help. Humanistic Astrology is one of the most complete accompaniment tool on this path.
It gives us the keys to understand our own life and act.

Along these pages you will find practical techniques to use in humanistic astrology.

Calendar of lunations

Calendar of lunations in 2015See the new calendar of lunation, illustrated with variations of the Metatron's Cube !

Lunation of the month

Aries lunationThe four stages of the Pisces lunation begining on March 28, 2017, with Sabian Symbols illustrated with pictures and the four charts.


Humanistic Astrology Books

The pulse of lifeThe humanistic astrology book page is ready, you can find here some of the most important books from Rudhyar to discover and deepen your knowledge in humanistic astrology !
The pulse of life is the simplest book from Rudhyar, where he explains the twelve signs of the zodiac as a process of evolution through the seasons, the year and the life...

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