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*  bibliographie complète de Dane Rudhyar

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Astrological approach to inner fulfillment (the)


Astrological aspects

Les aspects astrologiques (R)

Astrological houses (the)

Les maisons astrologiques (R)

Astrological insights into the spiritual life


Astrological mandala (an)

Symboles Sabian (M)

Astrological study of psychological complexes (an)

Approche astrologique des complexes psychologiques (M)

Astrological themes for meditation


Astrological timing
(Birth patterns for the new humanity)

L'histoire au rythme du cosmos (M)

Astrology and the modern psyche

Astrologie et psyché moderne (M)

Astrology for new minds


Astrology of american destiny (the)


Astrology of personality

L'astrologie de la personnalité (M)

Astrology of transformation

L'astrologie de la transformation (R)

Attempt at formulating minimal requirements for the practice of natal astrology an)


Form in astrological space and time


From humanistic to transpersonal astrology


Galactic dimension of astrology (the)
(The sun is also a star)

La dimension galactique de l'astrologie (R)

Lunation cycle (the)

Le cycle de la lunaison (R)

Moon : the cycle and fortune of life (the)


My stand on astrology


Person-centered astrology


Planetarization of consciousness

Vers une conscience planétaire (R)

Practice of astrology

La pratique de l'astrologie (M)

Pulse of life (the)

Le rythme du zodiaque (R)


Triptyque astrologique (R)

Zodiacal signature



Vers l'homme semence

Philosophie, essais, romans



Art as release of power


Beyond individualism : the psychology of transformation

Un nouvel homme pour un nouvel âge (M)

Beyond personhood


Culture, crisis and creativity


Directives for new life


Faith that gives meaning to victory (the)


Fire out of the stone

Le roc enflammé (B)

Fullness of human experience (the)


Gifts of th spirit


Individual selfhood and the threefold nature


Modern's man conflicts


New mansions for new men


Occult preparations for a new age

Préparations spirituelles pour un nouvel âge (R)

Paths to the fire






Rebirth of indu music (the)


Return from no return

Retour de l'absolu

Rhythm of human fulfillment (the)


Rhythm of wholeness

Le rythme de la totalité (R)

Seed (a)


Seeds of plenitude


Toward Man


Transition to the new age (the)


We can begin again - together



Claude Debussy et son oeuvre


Of vibrancy and peace


White thunder


Non publiés

Age and culture


Age of plenitude (the)


Rudhyar : person and destiny


The rediscovery of music


Leyla Raël

The essential Rudhyar

Le Rudhyar essentiel (O)

The lunation process in astrological guidance


(R) Editions du Rocher
(M) Editions Librairie de Médicis
(O) Editions L'or du Temps
(B) Editions La Baconnière

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